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Cross Country Ski Tuning in Park City

Cross Country Ski Tuning from White Pine Touring in Park City, UT.

When it comes to covering ground on cross country skis, the preparation of the ski bases under your feet matters. You wouldn’t show up to a 5K run in hiking boots with smooth leather soles, and you wouldn’t try to summit a 14-er in flip flops with golf cleats either. In many ways, cross country skiing is the same. If you show up to the trail on a cold, dry day with ski bases that have been ground for slushy show, the glide is just not gonna happen.

The right pattern in the base of your classic or skate skis can make a huge difference in their performance. Most importantly, the grinds applied to cross country skis as they come out of production are not always suited to Utah’s most common snow type (read: sparkling dry packed-powder.) That’s where our skilled ski techs come in. With years of experience working on Nordic skis at the highest levels, they can make sure that your skis give you the exact glide you want, based on the day’s conditions.

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