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Backcountry Ski Rentals in Park City

  • Adam Lavigne at WPT mounting Dynafit bindings to BC rental skis
  • Backcountry Ski Rentals from White Pine Touring in Park City, UT.

Getting fresh tracks in the Wasatch without motorized assistance requires an alpine touring (AT) or Telemark skiing (Tele) setup. We have Tele skis equipped for either NTN or 75mm setups, with the compatible boots to match. Our AT rental packages are equipped with either frame or tech (Dynafit) touring bindings, and they’re picked for our fleet because they’re perfect for the Wasatch Mountains.

Keep in mind that we do not rent beacons, probes, or shovels, although all are available for purchase at our store. Venturing into the backcountry requires all of these tools plus extensive avalanche and safety knowledge and should not be taken lightly. If you haven’t been through an avalanche education course, check out our lessons and know before you go.

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Backcountry Ski Rentals

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High Performance
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*Rates only available as add-on to High Performance ski rental.

High Performance AT Ski Rentals

If this isn’t your first rodeo, consider upgrading to one of our high-performance AT setups from DPS. Designed and built just down the canyon in Salt Lake City, DPS skis are tailor-made for touring and skiing the steep and deep of the Wasatch Mountains. Our DPS rental skis are available in both Alchemist and Tour1 constructions, and are equipped with either Tyrolia Ambition (frame) or Dynafit Radical (tech) touring bindings. Pre-cut climbing skins are also available for rental.

Tour1 construction

Super lightweight build designed to maximize climbing efficiency without forgetting about fun on the descent. All of our Tour1 skis are equipped with Dynafit tech bindings.

Alchemist construction

Aerospace-grade carbon build creates lightweight skis with top-level dampness and stability at higher speeds. All of our Alchemist skis are equipped with Tyrolia frame bindings.